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About Bardahl

Our Company

Since 1939, Bardahl Manufacturing Corporation has produced innovative high quality products for the automotive industry including lubricants, oils, and additives. Bardahl products are sold worldwide in over 90 countries on 6 continents and are packaged in 16 different languages. Bardahl has established a vast network of manufacturing and packaging facilities to support its worldwide distribution.

Since its inception, Bardahl has followed the philosophy of its founder, Ole Bardahl, of only producing the highest quality products by constantly improving its proprietary formulations and providing innovative “solutions” to the marketplace. Bardahl is constantly developing technically advanced products for OEMs, professional technicians, and consumers that enhance vehicle performance. Bardahl is a family-owned company operating worldwide with its headquarters located in Seattle, WA and its products are proudly made in the USA.


Ole Bardahl, a Norwegian immigrant, came to the United States in 1922 and settled in Ballard, a community of Scandinavian immigrants located in Northwest Seattle. After purchasing a small chemical company, Bardahl developed a unique formula for oil additives. Over the next 20 years Bardahl’s business steadily grew and based on its reputation for quality, the company expanded rapidly across the country and internationally until it became the leading additive manufacturer and supplier in the U.S.

Bardahl is also famous for its long heritage of racing, having sponsored many race teams around the world. Through its racing experience, Bardahl realized that higher compression engines were excellent testing grounds for its products, allowing for new formulations to be evaluated and perfected in various types of racing vehicles.

In August of 2014, Ole Bardahl was inducted into the Motorsport’s Hall of Fame of America.

The Bardahl family still manages the day-to-day operations and they have carried on the Bardahl tradition for high-performance products in the Bardahl Pro professional line of PM service chemicals.


The Bardahl commitment to innovative technology through research was founded from the very beginning with its first oil additive product that used a unique formulation to reduce friction. This technology was further developed with a Polar Attraction Formula that improved the anti-wear, anti-friction, and extreme pressure properties of motor oils. Bardahl continues to develop innovative products and recently designed “ultra-concentrated” formulations that include smaller volumes of chemical solutions, yet perform at higher levels of effectiveness for less cost.

Quality Control

Bardahl has built its leading worldwide reputation by maintaining the highest quality standards to produce the finest specialty lubricants, additives, and automotive service chemicals in the industry. Scientific research is continuously being conducted by chemists at the company’s state-of-the art laboratory. All products are tested according to the standards established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International), and other professional associations. From formulation to production, Bardahl uses advanced technology and strict quality control procedures to ensure every product meets or exceeds its defined specifications. The R&D team constantly evaluates the automotive market to identify potential opportunities for new and improved products. This process enables Bardahl to develop unique formulations and technological advancements to meet the demands of today’s hi-tech vehicles, while maintaining compliance with environmental standards and regulations.